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5 Easy Steps to Create a Perfect Persuasive Essay

There are tons of advice on how to prepare a quality essay. However, if your goal is not just to get A+ but to convince your audience to get an advantage in the upcoming discussion, next tips are exactly what you need. Just follow this step-by-step guide!

There are tons of advice on how to prepare a quality essay. However, if your goal is not just to get A+ but to convince your audience to get an advantage in the upcoming discussion, next tips are exactly what you need. Just follow this step-by-step guide by EssayGear - not your typical essay writing service.

1. Prepare Yourself for Writing

So how to how to write a persuasive text? First, choose a topic. The optimal version of the topic is one that you are interested in because in that case, you will like the writing process. In addition, you should make sure that your persuasive essay ideas is quite specific. The broad topics are very complex, which will not allow you to show all your ideas. After that, it’s time to choose a party. Your task is to determine your position regarding the chosen problem. In doing so, remember that you will need to provide arguments that support your choice. Imagine the audience and choose a more effective way to persuade it. For example, you can play on logic or emotions. Organize a small study to check if there are enough resources, and then you are ready for the next step. Remember: persuasive writing tells your opinion.

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2. Create a Structure

If you are writing a classic essay with five paragraphs, you should remember that it is necessary to emphasize your point of view in paragraphs 2-4. Of course, it is clear that the opening paragraph will be the first paragraph, and the fifth will be the conclusion. To make your essay even more convincing, try to find everything that concerns the opposite point of view. And do not forget to mention the actual counter-arguments in your persuasive essay outline.

3. Make a Strong Thesis

How to start a persuasive essay? Well, an introduction is an extremely important part of a good persuasive essay, which affects its credibility. You should start your persuasive essay introduction with the acutest aspect of the problem in order to interest your audience. Your future arguments will be much more effective if you succeed in attracting the attention of the audience at the very beginning. You can make the essay stronger by using a rhetorical question. Use the emotional appeal in your essay introduction paragraph before moving on to the logical arguments in the main body. And remember one more thing: both leader essay and persuasive essay tries to make people feel the same way you do about the topic discussed.

4. Writing a Persuasive Text Using Three Persuasive Essay Features

Figurative Language

Often, laconic images in best persuasive essays can be much more effective and easier to understand than long and monotonous arguments. Emotional explanations will only cause your audience to lose interest and forget everything that you said once you left the scene. Remember that imaginative thinking and memory work much more actively than auditory perception. Use metaphors, associations, or comparisons to make your audience “see” and not hear what you’re talking about.

Examples and Proofs

Continue to use the visualization strategy in the following paragraphs but also add some specifics in order not to be unfounded. Give examples, interesting stats, forecasts, and strong direct quotes from credible sources. This will also be extremely effective if you use the opportunity to provide graphics or diagrams to your public.

Accurate Data

The main mistake that can damage the credibility of all top persuasive speech topics is the accuracy of the data. Make sure that each stat, date, figure, information, statements have reliable confirmation in the form of an authoritative source. If at least one figure in your work is unreasonable, this will undermine the audience’s confidence in the whole paper and you will not be able to convince them of your rightfulness. Moreover, it is important that your sources are relevant; otherwise, the scientific or practical value of your essay is out of the question.

5. Review a Thesis Statement in Conclusion

Now when all the emotional and logical tools are used, all the arguments are provided, you have to go back to the beginning of your research to re-emphasize how what you described earlier affects the problems and your position relative to this. It is very important to again briefly mention all the main points of the essay and formulate a clear conclusion related to the original thesis in the final paragraph. The trick of persuasion is to express a clear position, to work through all the arguments and counter-arguments and bring your listeners to the conclusion from which you started.

We have revealed the secret of persuasion even of the most skeptical audience and now you know to write a convincing essay. Feel free to ask any questions!

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