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How to Write an Analytical Essay Which Will Impress Your Readers

Analytical essays are among the most common writing assignments which students need to fulfill during their college years. However, many students think they are difficult and do not do what they can to make a good text. Check this article and avoid all these mistakes!

Analytical essays are among the most common writing assignments which students need to fulfill during their college years. However, many students think they are difficult and do not do what they can to make a good text. Certainly, you need to put some effort into making a good analytical essay but writing it is not as hard as it may seem at the beginning.

What Is an Analytical Essay and How You Can Make Your Readers Like It

A special kind of an academic writing which describes facts in a simple way clear for a reader and explains what these facts mean is an analytical essay. Usually, the author of such text provides a conclusion based on the facts he or she was describing in the main paragraphs and tries to convince the reader to accept a certain viewpoint which he or she gives in the conclusion.

Another definition analytical essay has is that it is the type of text which provides the author’s reaction to some idea but through a critical view. This reaction is described in a claim and should be supported by relevant arguments.

If you want to get a good analytical text and catch your reader’s attention with it, you should follow some simple rules:

  • The text should be simple and understandable for your audience. You might choose to discuss a complex issue, however, it should be described in a light manner so that your reader understands everything easily
  • It should be brief. Avoid using unnecessary words to make your text look more impressive
  • Your analytical essay should be bold. Do not try to use mild words and expressions even if you think your idea is too direct
  • Be objective. You might have your own point of view which is not bad. But you need to provide facts on everything you say
  • Use reliable sources. Everything you write should be supported by a reference, otherwise, avoid including unchecked facts into your essay

How to Write Analytical Essay

The rules described above will help you to write an impressive analytical text. However, you also need to follow a certain structure to provide a professional composition deserving a high mark. It is also a good idea to start the whole writing process by creating a strong outline for the future text. This is what it should include:

  • An abstract describing background relevant to your topic
  • Series of the collected evidence which will be later used to support your claim
  • An assessment of all the assumptions provided in the original text and how they make other implicit arguments within the same text
  • An explanation of all the conflicts in the text. You have to provide an idea of what the writer of the text feels towards his reader
  • Conclusion where you try to convince your reader of some idea which was supported by facts throughout your whole text

If you make an effort to create a strong outline, it will be easier for you to write the text itself since you will already have a picture of what will be in it.

As mentioned, another thing you have to consider when you write an analytical essay is the structure of the text. Like other types of academic papers, it should have an introduction, several body paragraphs and a conclusion.

How to start an analysis essay? Well, your analytical essay introduction paragraph should give a brief resume of the text you are analyzing. It is also known as an abstract. In the analytical essay introduction, introduce the author of the original text, tell about the main ideas and also provide secondary information which your reader should know. This can be historical, biographical information or any other data which will influence the reader’s viewpoint. Finally, write an analytical essay thesis statement in the last sentence of your introduction.

When writing an analytical paper, the main body of your analytical essay should focus on some ideas from the text which support the topic of your essay. In addition, describe your reaction to the analyzed text and its viewpoints. Although make sure everything you write goes within the topic of your essay and is supported by facts.

Your conclusion should be composed of one or two paragraphs. They should sum up everything you wrote in the rest of the text. Start with restating your argument, then talk again about those ideas you provided in the main body and finally write a closing statement encouraging your reader accept the argument you made in your analytical essay.

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Great Essay: More Tips to Consider

If you decide to follow all the ideas we have already provided, the chances are that you will write a good analytical text. To make it even better consider few more tips:

  • Use the present tense through the whole text
  • Do not use slang or letters “etc.” which are usually used when the author has nothing more to say
  • Come up with a unique title
  • Do not retell the story you are analyzing. You have to show your reader how the author of the text tries to influence his audience as well as provide your personal vision of this

Struggling to Get a Good Analytical Essay?

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