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How to Write the Most Convincing Statement of Purpose

Many students write a statement of purpose turning it into a boring story. The chances of such an essay to succeed are close to zero. Read this article and learn how to create the best statement of purpose!

Many students write a statement of purpose turning it into a boring and monotonous story about their dreams. The chances of such an essay to incline a commission to this student’s candidacy are close to zero. Since the future of each student directly depends on the quality of a personal statement essay, we advise you to learn how to write a truly strong statement of purpose essay.

Format and Structure of a Statement of Purpose Paper

Let’s talk about the shell before moving on to the content. An academic statement of purpose is not an admission essay. In turn, this is a formal document with the purpose to convince the jury that you are confident in your skills. In this regard, there are some features of the structure and style of writing a statement of purpose.

The most important aspect of writing a statement of purpose essay is the exact understanding why you want to study at the specific university. On the other hand, this type of paper allows writing in a freer style than many others types do. Hence, in a statement of purpose paper, do not hesitate to reveal your passions, list your achievements, and prove that you had valuable experience in this area. How long statement of purpose should be? Approximately 500-1000 words are enough to demonstrate their motivation and resoluteness to study.

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Ask the Right Questions

If you are confident in your choice, you will not be difficult to disclose the following questions in your statement of purpose essay:

  • What major did you decide to study in graduate school?
  • Why did you choose that one?
  • Have you got any extracurricular experience in this field?
  • What is goal statement for graduate school? How is it connected with your course?

The Admissions Committee is interested in those whose motives are strong and understandable. Talk about your long-term vision; be straightforward, resolute and purposeful in your answers. Avoid too bright, imaginative narrative but be specific. Consider the writing of the statement of purpose for university or college as a personal positioning. Introduce your position, your philosophy and demonstrate your entire potential.

Usually, students go to several schools at the same time and use a single template, only slightly adapting it for each college. Therefore, you should do some kind of the market research on the values and features of each college. Are you ready? Now just imagine yourself at this college and start writing.

There is no doubt that the commission approves a candidacy after they get the impression that you are organically fit into their college. You should remember that they analyze hundreds of applicants every day, so their work is pretty monotonous and many of the letters have almost no difference. Knowing this fact gives you a chance to make a good impression on the commission members with the help of your unique statement of purpose. Your main points are the topic, thesis and clear key to success, as it will show that you have a strong motivation and understanding of the ideals of the college. Otherwise, you can fully use your imagination to demonstrate why you are ideally suited for their institution.

How to Write a Statement of Purpose

Your main task in the application is to be convincing in your achievements and motivation. To develop your idea logically, divide all the paper into four paragraphs like this:

  • Introduction: Hook the Reader

How to start statement of purpose? Well, in the essay introduction paragraph of a statement of purpose paper, be sure to interest your audience in futher reading; show a spark that ignited your passion for continuing your studies. Although this sounds pretty bright, do not be afraid to use it in the introduction. You will still have the opportunity to be more specific in the body of the paper.

  • Your Career and Experience

Tell about your biggest projects and the results of your studies. Do not forget to use people’s names, articles, publications, and other sources to confirm your achievements. Mention the topics of all scientific works that you wrote, even if they were done outside your academic community.

Do not forget to mention your work experience. You are a more valuable candidate with experience in the chosen field. However, any practical or additional experience can increase your competitiveness, so do not hesitate to mention it. The committee recognizes truly experienced people with extra-curricular skills.

  • Activity

In your statement of purpose paper, write about projects in which you participated, be sure to share information about your role and responsibilities, your team, subject of your studies, your achievements, etc. You should also demonstrate the relationship between this experience and your motivation, as well as desire to continue your education in this field.

  • Academic Interests

Here, you must state the main idea in the most capacious and convincing form. Briefly indicate that you understand the discipline, and you know about the work that you will have to do.

How to end statement of purpose? We can say that in the conclusion paragraph, you should talk only about your area of interest. You can write about current global problems and modern studies to show your participation in this field and monitoring of reliable information. In advance, find out whether there are professors or whole departments in your college who are working on the same problem. And be sure to indicate what you would like to join to work with them.

Useful Tips to Help You Succeed

  • Do not use passive voice.
  • Be positive, open and confident.
  • Communicate with students and professors in order to understand the values of the college.
  • Do not be the voice of the new. Confirm each statement with real examples. Your motivation should be obvious.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about difficulties or even tragedies if they have influenced your decision in the choice of education.
  • Make sure that every sentence of yours corresponds to the logic of the narrative! Do not allow sharp jumps in your thoughts. Make the text smooth and simple.
  • Statements usually consist of 500 to 1000 correctly selected words. Do not try to write as much as possible, clarity and significance of your words is the main indicator.
  • If possible, re-read the document in a couple of days again, if time permits and you will surely find several suggestions that can be improved.
  • Look at your document through the eyes of the reader, not the writer. Ask yourself "Does this paper describe me in the best way?" You can show it to friends or professors so that they can help answer this question.

Now you know what statement of purpose should include. Watch this video to learn even more:

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Many students write a statement of purpose turning it into a boring story. The chances of such an essay to succeed are close to zero. Read this article and learn how to create the best statement of purpose!

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