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Terms and conditions

Refund Applications

If you use our writing service, you may request a refund in certain cases. Although the usual timeframe for refund applications is up to 14 days after the deadline passes, this time restriction does not apply to claims about plagiarism. However, if you think your paper is plagiarized you will be requested to send us a report to show our company’s writer is responsible for the plagiarism.

Also, please note that we are not responsible for the content written by customers or third parties not related to our company. We are responsible only for the content that our writers write.

In the case of any dissatisfaction on the customer’s part with the work EssayGear provides, our staff will look carefully at the cause of their dissatisfaction and report back within 24 hours. If a claim is valid, we will return the customer’s money in full.


Clients can ask to modify their papers at no extra cost for up to 24 hours after the original deadline has expired. After this time period, a client should place a new order.

If the paper is long (fifteen pages or more), we will accept refund requests for up to 15 business days after the deadline has expired. Please note that our writers cannot modify a paper without compensation where the original description has been changed. Our staff may ask you for a new order to reward a writer when required materials are not provided until an order is underway or has actually been completed.

Please, do not forget to monitor your personal account and email. Some customers do not always remember to send required files with their initial order submission. You can provide all information with an order or later after we request specific details.

Full Refunds

You can ask us to return the money you paid in full in these cases:

  • If you submitted a similar order twice in error
  • If we did not provide your order on time
  • If the paper does not meet your requirements at all (more than 50% of the requirements are not met)

Do not forget that you can always contact our customer support in any doubtful or controversial circumstances.

Word Count Issues

We calculate the length of the paper according to the word count – 300 words to every ordered page. The reference page, quotes (not paraphrased) and the title page are provided for free and are not considered when counting words.

In case you need a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, you can select the appropriate item when filling out the order. In this case, you will get at least 100 words of speaker notes per each PPT slide. Please consider the fact that we do not have strict requirements for the number of words when it comes to PowerPoint slides. When it comes to the PowerPoint presentation, always specify the required number of words so that the writer can please you.

EssayGear is ready to assist you with online tests (multiple choice and other types of questions). The cost of these assignments is based on the premise of 5 questions per 1 page. Hence, where a test consists of twelve questions, your order should indicate you want a two-page assignment.

Because the online test is a very specific task, which often requires a lot of additional information (login/password to sign in the test system, the choice of the course, the time given for the test, and so on), we advise you to contact support immediately so that your text would be passed successfully and on time.


After we get your task, you will be serviced in keeping with the terms accordingly to your purchase. Please note that your order type and time of your purchase can affect the terms of fulfillment of the services. After your paper is completed, the services will be considered to be fully delivered.

Refusal Policy

In certain cases, EssayGear service may refuse to provide you with academic writing services. These cases include:

  • If the customer placed an order that cannot be physically done because of an extremely short deadline along with a very large number of pages (more than 20 pages with less than 3 hours deadline)
  • If the hot order does not provide enough details to get started
  • If the customer forgot to attach the necessary files on time

If you paid the order but we refused it for one of the above reasons, we will refund your money within 14 days. However, we will be forced to deduct fee costs for the fund transfer, which amount to 10% of the total price of your order.

o avoid such cases, we kindly ask you to specify as much as possible details for the order and to provide all the necessary files on time. Also, try to place orders as early as possible before the deadline set by your teacher or professor.